Magnetic Sixth Sense

A wonderful article on how to give yourself a magnetic sixth sense without resorting to cutting yourself open and inserting potentially toxic magnets in your body (though huge props to Steve Haworth and Quinn Norton for taking the time to actually do the ridiculous). More details in the full article …

Anyway, a bit of free associating later and I mentioned that some folks had embedded magnets under their skin to add a “sixth sense” (link heads off to a wired article).

Sounds neat. The ability to quite literally feel magnetic fields? … to find out how “live” a circuit really is just by running a finger over insulated wires? … to be able to navigate the magnetic field lines present around motors and permanent magnets by waggling a finger in the air?

Sign us up! But, then again, slicing open a frozen finger to insert a potentially toxic magnet under the skin sounds just a wee bit uncomfortable.

So, could a half baked magnetic sixth sense be achieved without the use of a scalpel?

The answer is an unequivocal yes and proved also to be a great excuse to erase some more hard drives. Read on for simple instructions on how you can quite literally feel magnetic and strong electrical fields…