Astral WarCrime Pagan Ritual & Rape Agenda

Wow, continuing on with the bat shit crazy spam. All I can say is "awesome", in some strange way I can't even begin to quantify, this actually makes me feel better about the world:

Subject: U.S. Elementary School - Astral WarCrime Pagan Ritual & Rape Agenda - Barbara Marciniak - Peter Jackson, WETA Digital
Date: 14 March 2008 11:24:04 AM

Greetings Government Officials and Politicians,

The attached photo "x_kittelson_ward" illustrates the configuration of a Pagan Ritual Sexual Abuset crime of an Astral agenda lead by Barbara Marciniak of 4200 Sentimental Lane, Apex, NC.

This Pagan Ritual Abuse crime trapped an American Child in Kindergarten in to a proclaimed Global Illuminati agenda.

The Ritual Abuse Crime is known as "Dog Raping" where the Pagan Shamans rape the penis of a the said victim who is now 31 years old with dogs licking his genitalia.

The resulting Astral Paradigm is "painted on to Peter Jackson's King Kong psychic paradigm" and used as a "Wartime Model or Figure" for Barbara Marciniak's Spiritual Infinity Mecca in Lake Tahoe, CA.

This "Dog Raping" pagan technique is a form of psychhic harassment and their own self empowerement via negative vicarious sexual death of victim practiced as a mortality sexual fetish by astral warriors from New Zealand and the Pleiades who are creating and feeding on the negative energy of victims death and rebirth soul in the mecca of spiritual infinity anchored at Burning Man.

The shaman uses the psychic 3rd eye chakra and birth chakra of the dogs after "licking" the victim psychotically to prevent the psychic 3rd eye or birth chakra of other unwanted pagans from experiencing the Spiritual Infinity Mecca.

The victims entire life has been enslaved by this Pagan Ritual and the forced victimization is not allowed to live, ascend or have sex without being "psychically raped or inconvienently harassed" by the shamans dogs so that the shaman may continue his Astral Spiritual Infinity Ritual.

It is called the Anti-Christ and it is a Pagan technique used to prevent a person from ascending, either the victim or unwanted Pagans attempting to see or benefit from the Space Tribe's Astral Mecca.

This Pagan ritual is pre-meditated some 150 years ago off planet by a Pleiadian Star Emissary and "New Age Woman" named Barbara Marciniak who physically lives in Apex, NC.

Barbara Marciniak outlined her plan in a forum at the New College Learning Annex at 777 Valencia Street San Francisco, CA 94110 where a SF Chronicle Reporter named Hank Hyena reported. Her outline described exactly the Pagan Ritual Abuse Agenda that I am the victim of and can be read at the following URL:

Please bring this WarCrime Rape Agenda to justice in Lake Tahoe, California.

The following Shaman Societies are enslaving the victim:

Barbara Marciniak Pleiadian Emissary located in Apex, NC

Peter Jackson of WETA Digital, King Kong & Lord of the Rings.

A victimized, sexually abused and devastated young man of proffesional stature, California Residency, Tenancy and US Native Citizenship.

Thank You,
Politically Active Astral Sex Victim Anonymous